Tracy Roy's Services

Personal Coaching

Free Consultation (30 min);

Coaching Session $120 (60 min)

You know you want change but don’t know where to begin?  Empower yourself by working with a Personal Coach to define what it is you truly want in life (personal, career, business).  Together we will develop the goals you need to get you there.  The power is within you!

BodyTalk Session $80 (60 min)


BodyTalk looks at the whole person from the physical, emotional, mental and consciousness perspective.  It is a holistic approach to healing, based on proven principles of energy medicine.


The body is a complex system with a delicate balance between physiological biochemical functions, emotional and mental interactions, environmental influences, and hereditary and genetic restrictions. BodyTalk helps synchronize the body’s natural functions - to achieve and maintain healing and growth on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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Access Consciousness Bars Session $80 (60 min)

Awaken yourself to more possibility, choice and abundance! Through these sessions you can change your points of view about what is possible in life.  Break through what holds you back!

By touching the 32 Access Bars of energy located on the head, it activates the electromagnetic areas of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, beliefs and decisions that you have ever had about anything.  Sessions are designed to assist you with all areas of your life (relationships, body image, healing, money, communication, control, power, aging, sex, creativity, awareness and more).

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Reiki Session $80 (60 min)

Reiki can relieve tension and stress and supports the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental and emotional.

Reiki is a spiritual healing art with roots of Japanese origin.  It is a subtle and effective form of energy work using the spiritually guided life force energy that is within us.  It’s a perfect way to support one’s personal wellness.


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Intuitive Tea Leaf Readings $40 (30 min)

Tea Leaf reading is an ancient practice of interpreting patterns made by tea leaves in your cup.  Through this traditional intuitive reading you are able to receive insight into your immediate future and receive guidance.

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Life Purpose & Daily Guidance Card Readings $40 (30 min)

Wanting more clarity about your career or spiritual path? Need assistance to connect with your guardian angels and guides? Readings explore what they have been trying to tell you, so you can receive insight into your daily life and life purpose.  Oracle Card readings are an ancient, time-honoured way to connect spiritually.  You will always receive the correct cards to match the vibration of your questions.

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Prepay for 5 Sessions and receive a 20% discount.

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